DeadByDawn Dead & Breakfast


The World's First Interactive Dead and Breakfast

I had the privilege of staying at the Dead and Breakfast last night. I have to say that never in my lifetime did I everpicture myself doing something like this, but it turned out to be an AMAZING experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great time. I was very impressed by the "family" and how they were involved in most everything I did for the evening up until bed time. All those involved did an excellent job to set the mood for the evening. Even during "bedtime", which, I must say, had me completely terrified. I also have to give a plug to Jim and Dawn - they are doing great things to have their visitors visit downtown shops/restaurants and involving local bakeries and stores for most of what they buy. It's great to see their commitment to not only providing a quality experience, but also involving the community around them. Good job. You scared your Mayor. And we all know it's pretty hard to scare a politician!

-Justin Nickels (Mayor of Manitowac)